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Grow, Harvest and Package

Ralston Family Farms covers over 4,800 acres. We raise Angus and Angus cross cattle, soybeans, non-GMO corn, and our primary crop, non-GMO rice. At Ralston Family Farms, we are a vertically integrated operation. This means that we control our product from the seed that is placed in the ground, all the way to the package that is placed on the shelf. One of the many benefits of this integration is that we get to decide exactly which varieties of rice we will grow.

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Farming & Storing

Not only is all farming done by our family, meaning we know what we grow but our bins contain only what we harvest. There is no blending of varieties in our bins.

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We only mill the rice grown on our farm. We mill single-batch varieties to order using the latest technology, so you will get the freshest rice possible.

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Patent packaging is done on-site in our mill with the best technology in food-safety available.

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Sustainability means thinking long-term about the environment and making choices that will benefit the land for generations to come.

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Food Safety

We are proud of our many certifications to ensure you are eating the best rice around.

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