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Our rice fields are flooded with renewable surface water provided by the Arkansas River. This safe, reliable water source doesn’t deplete the aquifer, reducing our impact on the environment. After the crop has matured, the water is returned to the Arkansas River, crystal clear from the natural filtering process the rice provides.

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We use No-Till Planting for growing crops so as not to disturb the soil through tillage. No-till farming decreases the amount of soil erosion tillage.

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The high milling quality of our rice is maintained by our drying/storage system. After harvest, the rice is placed in storage bins to be air-dried on our farm. The computer controlled system utilizes the drying potential of the air and temperature provided by the environment. This dries the rice to its optimum level, ensuring a safe, quality product. This natural process surpasses industry standard drying systems which alter the integrity of the grain and burn enormous amounts of fossil fuels.

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Recyclable Cartons

Doing what is right for the environment means thinking of our product from beginning to end. This is why we package our rice in a revolutionary, patent protected 100% recycable carton that you can feel good about purchasing. Our cartons are a completely biodegradable paper product that is also user friendly and easy to store.

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