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We Don’t Till

We farm with minimal disturbance to the soil. Our focus is on building up the health of the soil, by not tilling we’re fostering a network of plant roots and fungi that carry nutrients to our harvest.

man squatting down in field looking at soil

Building Biodiversity

Biodiversity on our farm is essential for maintaining a balanced and resilient ecosystem. It not only builds healthy soil but also supports nutrient cycling and keeps pests and disease in check naturally.

close up of plant in a field with a white flower

Nutrient Density

We’re focusing on our soil microbiome. A diverse array of microorganisms work synergistically to release vital nutrients, resulting in exceptionally nourishing food.

picture of rice ready for harvest

Wildlife Habitat

Rainfall captured after rice harvest provides a migratory habitat and plentiful food sources for wildlife. Wildlife helps the natural breakdown of crop residue, making those organic nutrients available for the next crop.

ducks swimming in a pond

Water Conservation

We grow our rice with renewable surface water and periodically flood & allow the fields to dry during growing season. This not only conserves water but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promotes soil health.

water steam in a field

We're Going Regenerative with

As a Regenified Tier 1 Verified Farm, Ralston Family Farms has developed a farm plan consistent with Regenified’s verification and certification standards, and protocols for Tier 2 and higher. With successful implementation of this plan, our 2024 Harvest will be Certified Regenified!

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men in a field during the fall harvest