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American Grown

At Ralston Family Farms, we are a vertically integrated operation. This means that we control our product from the seed that is placed in the ground, all the way to the package that is placed on the shelf. One of the many benefits of this integration is that we get to decide exactly which varieties of rice we will grow.

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Fresh Quality

Since we grow, harvest, and package our rice, quality is something we can guarantee. Our location in the Arkansas River Valley offers cooler nighttime temperatures and isolates us from the large rice operations in east Arkansas, allowing us to produce a much higher quality rice with less damage from disease and pests.

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Farm to Fork - 100% Traceability

Ralston Family Farms only mills and packages rice we grow and because of this we can offer our customers 100% traceability. Larger rice brands buy their rice from all over the country and mix it together as one product. At harvest, we segregate our rice by field source in our storage facilities. We are able to track our rice from the field all the way through the milling process. After drying, our rice remains in the controlled storage environment until we mill it fresh.

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