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We all have them, don’t we? Those “go-to” words that resonate with who we are and what we believe.

Our go-to words include:

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Non-GMO

Certified Kosher

Women Owned



Regenerative Farming

BRC Certified

Grown in the USA 

All of which you can find on our packaging, website, and social media. But why do our buzz words mean so much? For us, they mean that whenever we see words like these we can trust that those products and companies have the same character and beliefs that we do, which also means we can get on board with supporting their mission. It means that we are like-minded. They also give us a warm and fuzzy feeling to think of building community with people who value what we value.

We go the extra mile to be certified because we believe it matters.

But what good are buzzwords if they can’t be backed up?

Our regenerative and sustainable practices can be verified by the programs we are in (NRCS, EQUIP). We can guarantee you will never find any Gluten-Free or Non-GMO ingredients. And you will never find anything other than what we grow in a carton with our name on it.

For this reason, we go the extra mile on becoming certified in all of these areas with our family mill, and in regard to our farming operation, we make sure that we don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk by participating in environmental stewardship programs to be better stewards of what God has lent to us. Is this a lot of hard work? You better believe it! Do we think it’s worth it? We not only know it’s worth it but we feel called to do it as responsible business owners.

There are so many blessings on being able to mill and package right here on our farm. They are really too numerous to count, but I will say one of these blessings is being able to truthfully tell our friends and family that the call-outs and buzz words are not empty words for show, but rather words to build confidence and hopefully give our customers that same warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting something you believe in.  

"Grown in the USA" is our favorite call-out. As Memorial Day is upon us we would like to share our gratitude to all of those who sacrificed on our behalf so that we can live freely. May God bless you all.