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Not Your Average Rice Mill


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There is a famous quote that says, “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” We believe somewhere in the mix of all this is "watch your food, it becomes your forecast."

Over the past few years there has been a surge in the desire to know where the food we eat comes from. It is no longer enough for it to simply taste good, or even just to be good for our health, but it also has to tell the story of something great. Food is an outlet for our desire to take care of our families, help the environment, and nurture society. We want the food we consume and the money we spend to give back even greater than it ever has before.

Here are some ways Ralston Family Farms is more than just your average rice mill:

1. Family Owned & Operated

Ralston Family Farms is a single family farm offering only the rice that we grow. We are not a co-op and this is not a commodity. It is the legacy of generations of farmers who have passed down a love for growing good food. Just about all of us work here on the farm, day after day, to make sure our customers reap the benefits of this farming legacy.

2. Unique Size

Our farm is big enough to feed the country, but not so big it can't be managed by the family. Every decision is made with the big picture in mind- a food safety and quality culture that enhances the life of our customers and gives back to the environment. From marketing, to web design, to crop rotation, all of our choices run through the filter of family.

3. 100% Seed to Shelf

Our farm and mill are located on the same land. We are a one-stop-shop, meaning those who till the ground are the same as those who plant the seed and harvest the rice. After harvest, the rice is dried in our grain bins and milled by our hands on-site. It is packaged just a few feet from where it was prepared and shipped to your home or store from our loading docks. We know exactly which field your rice came from, in fact we can trace it back from the very carton that is in your pantry. We think this is pretty special and don't mind saying so.

There are many choices about which rice you can purchase, but the question is "What story does my food tell?" If your food is a forecast, we believe you should have the very best. Try us out and see what you think.