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Change is good.

I knew I wanted to write this month about the exciting decision our family made to change the look and position of the United States flag emblem on Ralston Family Farms’ carton. We also made it larger and more centrally located on the carton so it would stand out in a crowded shelf. After all, we are all so blessed to live in the most stunningly diverse, beautiful, and free country on Earth!

We hear a lot, and I mean a lot, from adults right now about our country, but what does the flag mean to the younger generation? I decided it would be a great revelation to ask our grandchildren and our great niece this very question and let their answers be the meat of this blog. Their ages range from 1 ½ to 20 years old.

Please read below answers to the question from the kids. I hope their answers are as encouraging to you as much as they were to my family.

Question: When you look at the flag, what does it mean to you?

(Our 18 year old grandson who is heading off to college this year):
“It means one thing, Freedom.”

(11 year old grandson):
“It means freedom and independence . You have to work for freedom. When I look at the flag I think of hard work, power and respect.”

(8 year old granddaughter):
“It makes me feel safe. It means like, I think to me it represents all that’s good, you don’t disrespect it. It represents peace and freedom and justice”

(Almost 3 year old granddaughter):
*When shown picture of the flag: “That’s the flag!”. Question: What does it mean? Answer: “Love.”

(18 month old granddaughter):
When shown picture of the flag: “That’s the flag!” and “Wow! Cute!” Question: Is that the our country’s flag? Answer: “mmhhmm”

(Our 20 year old great-niece who is an entering junior at Ole Miss University - She is a MIDN 2/C Marine Op who is majoring in pre med Psychology with an emphasis on Forensics and a minor in Naval Science. Upon graduation she will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Her ultimate goal is to become a fighter pilot. Think she might just have an opinion?):

The flag is the oldest symbol of freedom. It represents the rights of every individual to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It makes me feel a deep respect and pride for where I’m from. It’s almost indescribable. How do you put hundreds of years of history into words?

Old Glory has been denied and beaten, both foreign and domestically, but she still waves on the heart of every patriot. The Star Spangled Banner is on the faces of our children, in the badges of our Police Officers on Firefighters, and on the boots of our service men and women.

By the grace of God, our country and it’s people have thrived carrying the flag all the while from Washington waving it across the Delaware River to the present day where the flag still hangs in our homes, our classrooms and our hearts.

It’s been a tough battle and will continue to be, but the American dream lives on.

One of my favorite quotes is by Ronald Reagan,“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.” I’m mighty proud of what God has blessed me with which is one of the reasons I joined the military. I swore to protect what the flag represents because I believe in it with my whole heart. She’s more than a piece of cloth, so as you drive to work, walk into school or close your eyes to sleep, remember how blessed you are to live in this great Nation, because freedom isn’t free.”