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Faith in Crisis


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Life during an outbreak can seem uncertain and far from normal. It feels as though our world has changed overnight and our desire to get a hold of the change makes us label them. What we know about life, however, is that it changes...constantly.

Big shifts in the way we do things can lead to anxiety and unrest if we aren't careful. We are so used to gradual change that the sudden ones catch us off guard. We take these things personally, just wanting to get back to the way things used to be, when our complaints were familiar and our fears old. 

But what if we take this as an opportunity?

An opportunity to grow stronger in our faith by knowing the One who holds us is the One who shifts us. 

An opportunity to put away old fears and refuse to accept new ones.

An opportunity to seek out what is true and honest and just and pure and lovely. 

An opportunity to be both strong as steal and malleable as clay.

For centuries men and women have done just what we are doing now, relying on faith to meet the challenges of their time, and just like them we will make it through better than we were before.